If I wish to contact you regarding an order I have placed?

Please contact Affordable Oil via email or through our website Contact Us form.

If my tank does not hold all the oil I have ordered?

Please check you tank before placing your order. If the full amount of oil ordered can not be taken in your tank, a refund will be made charged at the closest rate within 100 liters of your order.

How do I find out how much oil you have actually delivered?

Affordable Oil delivery driver will leave a printed docket from the tanker’s meter which will show exactly how much oil was delivered.

What happens if I miss my delivery?

If the customer has not left access or the tank locked for the arranged delivery there will be a call out charge of £20.

I live on a street where access to the tank may be difficult – will you be able to deliver to my home?

Affordable Oil operate a small tanker service, designed for restricted access, in addition to our fleet of standard vehicles, and can arrange regular, planned deliveries to ensure you have a constant supply of oil.

What if I don’t know how much oil my tank will hold, or if I want it filled up? Can I enter a quantity of zero?

Unfortunately not, the Affordable Oil system does not recognise an order for a zero quantity so you should enter the maximum number of litres you would want delivered.

When can I expect to receive delivery of my order?

Affordable Oil standard delivery is within 2 working days – working days are Monday to Saturday, excluding public holidays (New Years Day, Easter Monday & Tuesday, May Day, 12 & 13 July and Christmas and Boxing Days) – this enables us to plan our delivery schedule and is one of the reasons why we can offer significantly lower prices for web orders.

Why do I have to enter my card details at the time of ordering, do you not offer credit or payment to the driver?

Affordable Oil can only offer the very low prices on the web if our costs are kept to an absolute minimum. This means that payment has to be made at the time of ordering to reduce administration costs and we cannot offer any credit for online orders. Drivers are unable to accept card payments. Paying online also reduces the chance of you missing the delivery person when they call, should you have to go out unexpectedly (which would incur a non-delivery charge).

Why do you charge for credit card payments?

In order to keep Affordable Oil prices as fair and transparent as possible, we charge an administration fee for payment by credit card of 2%. For every credit card payment we accept, we are charged a percentage of the transaction value as a fee. Affordable Oil believe that it is fairer to the customer to only charge when there is a cost incurred by us, rather than adding this cost into the price of the oil. Debit cards are charged to us at a flat rate, this is a minimal amount in comparison and we have absorbed this cost ourselves, ensuring that the customer will not be charged for using a debit card.

How do I know what type of card I have?

Credit cards are usually MasterCard or Visa, debit cards (cards where the money is debited immediately from your current account) include Switch, Maestro, Visa Debit and Electron.

What if I don’t want to pay the charge for using my credit card?

Then please use your debit card – there is no charge.

What areas do you deliver to?

We can deliver to you if you live within the following postcode areas:

How can affordable oil provide consistently lower prices for home heating oil?

Affordable oil uses a low cost business model along with modern web based technology. This cuts down on administration costs and the savings can be passed on to the customer.

My oil tank is quite far from the road – how long is the delivery hose?

The average delivery hose on an oil tanker is 180 feet (54 meters).

Do I need to be at home to receive delivery?

As we receive payment upfront, in most cases you do not need to be home to accept delivery. If you need to be home, please leave a request on your order instructions and, if necessary, the driver can contact you prior to delivery.

What size is my oil tank?

The average domestic oil tank ranges between 1000 litres to 1350 litres. Some larger domestic tanks have capacity of up to 2500 litres. There should be a maximum capacity on the product label located on most recently manufactured oil tanks.

I have an AGA cooker – what oil should I order?

Standard heating oil or 28 sec Kerosene should be requested. Please leave a note on your order instructions regarding AGA.

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